128 W Pine St  |   Ponchatoula LA 70454


128 W Pine St  |   Ponchatoula LA 70454


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Mandy Mae creates and displays her eye-catching creations at her studio, Mandy Mae Fine Art, located in Downtown Ponchatoula. Mandy Mae is a world-renowned abstract impressionistic artist. Inspired day and night, her subject matter ranges from her Louisiana favorites, churches, and modern abstract. She either uses a mixture of soft colors or at times vivid colors to create her pieces. Mandy also favors the impasto style when it comes to her art, and she tries to incorporate this technique in pretty much all of her paintings. Mandy Mae paints pieces for her gallery, produces commercial and private commissions, hosts Sip & Paints, does live events including weddings, and curates her art shows. Mandy is originally from Luling, Lousiana which is located just right outside of New Orleans and currently calls Ponchatoula, Louisiana her home with her husband and three sons. Mandy’s gallery, Mandy Mae Fine Art, is located in the heart of the downtown Ponchatoula, Louisiana at 128 W. Pine St. Ponchatoula, LA 70454.

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312, 2023

How Did I Know I Was Going To Be An Artist?

December 3rd, 2023|

As a little girl, my mom bought me coloring books that I hated coloring so instead I would take paper and trace the images. I would practice drawing them after. Something about shaping and following the lines soothed me even as a little kid. I remember begging and begging for an etch a sketch as a kid and my mom never wanted to spend the extra money on one because she didn’t have much. My dad would tell me yes but would always forget to get one or just that he was too busy. Eventually one Christmas my dad followed through, and I absolutely loved to draw on that thing. My parents separated when I was 3 so art was my in-home therapy growing up and I never realized it till I got older. I was placed in talented art during my elementary years and middle school. It challenged me but with the talented art program, it never taught me technique or how to do certain things. I didn’t understand what would come from it all and just figured I had a neat hobby that kept me occupied at times. High School went a little differently I wanted to be[...]

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